Skálafell Bike Park Soon to Open

Preparations are underway for the opening of Skálafell Bike Park, near Reykjavík, this summer, when the ski area will be converted into a bike park for the seventh summer in a row. The Reykjavík Metropolitan Ski Areas will operate the park and take care of its maintenance.

Bob Maarten Van Duin, operations manager of the Reykjavík Metropolitan Ski Areas, reports that the tracks are ready, but improved weather conditions are needed before they can be opened.

“We’ve been building new tracks in cooperation with Magne Kvam [an experienced mountain biker],” Van Duin told, but in addition, a vertical wall has been installed, in cooperation with the store Púkinn, which will operate a bike rental on site.

Hours of operation will be Tuesdays through Thursdays from 6 to 9 pm. Guests will use the chairlift to ascend the mountain.  “This is not just for experienced mountain bikers. We have tracks for everyone,” Van Duin asserted. “For hikers and families, we recommend riding the chairlift up to the top, enjoying the view and hiking downhill.”




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