Police have a great amount of evidence on escaped prisoner

Police hold a variety of evidence against Sindri Þór Stefánsson who escaped from Sognið prison last week. Phone reords, car rental records and drawings of the computer data centre  which was robbed, found at his home, are amongst the evidence held by police. 

In the custody ruling from March 21st it states that a great deal of phone records are traced to Stefánsson, believed to contain important information on the preparatation and execution of the theft known as the Bitcoin Heist. 

This is reported by Fréttablaðið today. 

Breaking out of prison in Iceland is not an offfense as such although it will affect a prisoner's parole, said Director of Prisons Páll Winkel to Morgunblaðið today.  Breaking out of prison is only a criminal offense if it is planned with other prisoners. 

However, as Rúv reported yesterday, Stefánsson was technically free at the time when he made his escape from Sognið prison as his custody ruling had run out and had not been placed under arrest again. 




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