Iceland 2017 Elections: Live update of vote count as results are reported

The first results of the general elections in Iceland are expected shortly after polls close at 10 pm tonight. Iceland Monitor will provide live upates of the vote count as all six constituencies report election results.

View Iceland Monitor’s election page for live vote count updates

All constituency will begin the vote count behind sealed doors before the polling stations close. The first vote count results will be based on the initial batch of votes counted, but only announced after all polling stations across the country have closed.

Based on previous elections, we expect support for individual political parties to differ between constituencies, so it is not until at least all six constituencies have reported the initial results that we have a clearer picture of the new politcal landscape in Iceland.

The constituencies will update the results regularly througout the night until all votes have been counted, and as usually we expect twists and turns, so get ready to settle in with a big bowl of popcorn for an exciting election night.

The final election results are expected in the early hours of Sunday, October 29th. The Reykjavik constituencies expect to complete the vote count as early 04:30 on Sunday morning, but rural constituencies expect to report final results around 6 am at the earliest. 


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