Birna's mother: "Not right to connect these terrible events to Birna's memory"

It isn't right to connect the terrible events that occurred for Birna Brjánsdóttir to her memory. She was an innocent person who did nothing wrong and had never hurt anybody. She was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and met with a dreadful fate. Birna's mother Silla Hreinsdóttir appeared on news programme Kastljós last night and said that she didn't want the case to be named the Birna case. 

Hreinsdóttir said that it was easy to destroy the memory of a person once they were deceased and that it was very hurtful for her to hear details of what happened to her daughter at the trial. She speaks of a reoccuring trauma. "I'm still in shock."

She spoke of the support she felt from the public how important it was. 

In the interview Hreinsdóttir spoke of Birna and described her as a fun, inventive girl but also as a strong-willed person who was kind to people and made friends easily. 

The entire interview in Icelandic can be viewed HERE. 




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