Olsen says it's impossible that he hurt Birna in any way

When Thomas  Møller Olsen was cross examined by his defandant just before noon he says he did not hurt Birna in any way. 

Páll Rúnar Kristjánsson, Olsens defendant, asked him whether he had hurt Birna.


"Did you help anyone else in doing so?"


"Did you hit her?"


"Did you take her in a choke hold?"


"Is it possible that you did something but that you cannot remember it?"


 Asked again why his testimony changed he replied. "I was in isolation and very stressed. The police entered my cell every two hours and screamed at me. They were not nice to me. I couldn't contact my family or my girlfriend and I didn't know what was happening. When I came out of isolation and could contact them I calmed down and could express what had happened. My body and my mind calmed down and I could remember everything much better."

Asked whether he had touched Birna's drivers licence, Olsen replied that he had never seen it. He does not know whether he touched the licence by accident. Asked whether he had thrown away any items of clothing he replied that he hadn't. 

Asked whether his memory is often impaired after drinking alcohol he replied, yes. He also admitted to often driving a car under the influence of alcohol. 


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