Main hearing in Birna murder case begins

 The main hearing in the case against Thomas  Møller Olsen, accused of murdering Birna Brjánsdóttitr in January and dumping her body in the ocean began this morning at 9.15 at the Reykjanes district court. 

Iceland mourns for missing girl - a timeline of events 

Altogether 37 people will be testifying at court today and tomorrow. 

Olsen has been in custody since January 19th. 

The hearing will take place using five languages, Icelandic ,Danish, English, Geran and Greenlandic with four interpretors. 

Birna Brjánsdóttir's body was found washed up on a beach at Selvogsviti on January 22nd after having been reported missing for a week. Olsen has since the beginning proclaimed his innocence but the prosecutor believes that  his version of events is in blatant contradiction to evidence. 

Moller's covered his face upon entering court this morning. 




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