Delay on the horizon for high profile murder case

The defendant still proclaims his innocence.

The defendant still proclaims his innocence. Magnússon

The trial over the murder of young Icelandic woman, Birna Brjánsdóttir may be pushed back.

Crew members from the Greenlandic trawler Polar Nanoq are among those scheduled to give their testimony on Tuesday but the court has not received the medical examiner’s valuation. This may cause a delay.

According to the district attorney the timing of the trial will become clearer at the start of the week. The defendant, Thom­as Møller Ol­sen, may not be brought before the court on Tuesday as planned but his fellow crew members from Polar Nanoq will almost certainly be asked to give statements as they are not expected to remain in the country for long.

If the medical examiner’s valuation isn’t ready by Tuesday other parts of the proceedings could be delayed. Finding a medical examiner for the case proved difficult for the authorities but in the end the position was filled by the German Urs Oliver Wiesbrock.

Olsen has been in custody since January but still proclaims his innocence. His fingerprints were found on Birna's driver’s license, in a black rubbish bag on board Polar Nanoq and her blood was found on his anorak. He has admitted to picking Birna up in a rental car but denies murdering her.


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