Tourists in East Iceland steal lamb and cut its throat

Farmers at Ós in Breiðdalur in the East Fjords caught nine tourists who had stolen a lamb and killed it. A witness says they were obviously hungry and just looking for meat for their barbecue.  Charges were made to the police.  The thieves were nine Afghans, all US residents. Kolbrún Rós Björgvinsdóttir, daughter of the farmer at Ós first noticed something strange when she spotted nine adult men trying to catch a lamb on the filed below the farm. They immediately called police and she contacted the owner of the field.

"There were nine of them together so I didn't want to go alone to talk to them, I just noticed something was odd, says Bjarki Svavarsson, another witness, speaking to

He then went with the farmer at Ós, his daughter and another man towards the men who were driving two camper vans. According to Svavarsson  they were impolite. "They were just shouting at us and lying. At first they wouldn't admit to anything and then they admitted to having taken a lamb. It was in a black bin bag in the back of the car and they had cut its throat." 

The tourists gave the explanation that the lamb had been injured and needed to be put down."They told us they were saving the lamb from drowning after it had jumped into the sea. They were just making stuff up.  They were just getting meat for their barbecue," says Svavarsson.

Local police soon showed up and took the men to the police station in Fáskrúðsfjörður where they admitted to their crime and paid the farmer for the lamb. They also had to pay 120 thousand Icelandic kronas as a fine and were then released. "I find it really strange that men from abroad come to hunt for their food. I have no idea what they were thinking, nine grown men."




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