Two minke whales the first catch of the season

“There’s less of the minke whale than usually,” says Gunnar Bergmann Jónsson CEO of IP fishing company, the only company that’s hunting whale this summer.

Two weekends ago whaling boat Rokkarinn KE caught two male minke whales, the first catch of the season.

According to Jónsson whale meat is getting scarce in supermarket, and the two whales they caught were sold directly.

Rannveig Grétarsdóttir, CEO of Elding whale watching company says the number of minke whales in June has been the same in as the same time last year, “In May however there were fewer minke whales and humpbacks, probably due to weather and scarce food in the sea.”

Minke Whales
» 7-10m long
» 8-10 tons
» 50-60 thousand animals reside around Iceland
» life span is 30-50 years
» Iceland Marine Institudes recommends that no more than 224 minke whales will be killed in 2016-2018




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