The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest: Icelandair

Iceland’s Svala Björgvins did not make it to the final night of the Eurovision Song Contest. Icelanders were disappointed but there was one good thing in all of this gloom according social media. And that was a commercial.

In one of the breaks in the preliminary round of the Eurovision Song Contest which took place last night, a new commercial from Icelandair was aired. 

The commercial you can see here below. It's in Icelandic but the language is not necessary to decipher the meaning. It’s about young women, playing football no matter what messages society delivers them, and how they end up at EURO 2017.

Icelandair is one of the supporter of Iceland’s National Women’s Football Team. It’s a very successful team and has been participating in great tournaments far longer than the men’s team, which was much discussed after their success in the EURO 2016.

The commercial spread quickly on social media and was said to deserve the win more than any of the songs in the competition.




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