Dung smoked Icelandic lamb and thoughts on life

Smoked lamb is a popular dish on Christmas Day in …

Smoked lamb is a popular dish on Christmas Day in Iceland. Photo: Iceland Monitor/Hafþór Hreiðarsson

Many Icelandic farmers smoke their own meat, and use dung to do it. Matthías Sævar Lýðsson and Hafdýs Sturlaugsdóttir are sheep farmers at Húsavík, on Strandir Peninsula in North West Iceland. In the video you can see them prepare and start the process of smoking legs of lamb, sausages and more. They use 16 year old dung that has been collected especially for this.

While waiting for the smoking, they go about doing other work at the farm, wondering about life.

“It’s similar to what one reads about the Native Americans way of life. You use every bit of the animal, it’s a matter of respect. If you kill something, that’s what you do. You do it as cleanly and humanly as possible, and if there’s something you can eat, you use it. Maybe it’s just me that thinks like this,” says farmer Lýðsson.

“As a farmer you should leave your land and the environment in better shape than you got it, for your children and grandchildren. Make their welfare more secure for the future”




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