Artur Jarmoszko withdrew money shortly before disappearing

Artur Jarmoszko is still missing, and has been since 1 March. SAR head back out on Saturday to keep on searching.

The police have been processing videos from CCTV, both their own and from companies located in the centre. Guðmundur Páll Jónsson of Reykjavik Police says that the police is also working on the data from Artur’s phone and computer, searching for clues to narrow down the search perimeters.

Artur was last spotted on tape walking down Suðurgata Street around 1 am the night he disappeared. The police are expecting more surveillance data soon which will hopefully shed more light on this mysterious case.

Jónsson stresses that nothing indicates a crime has taken place. He also says that it’s very unlikely Artur left the country. He withdrew money shortly before his disappearance but nothing close to enough to buy a plane ticket.

The Police ask for people to come forward with any information as to his whereabouts by phoning 444 1000.

Jarmoszko is Polish and has lived in Iceland for a while. He's 25 years old, slim, 185 cm tall, with short dark hair and green eyes. He was wearing a black jacket or parka when he disappeared, blue jeans and white sneakers. 

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