Homeless Kattarshians

A live stream of four kittens has taken Iceland by storm. And not only Iceland, many foreign media have covered the lifes of the Kattarshians, as they are called.

The kittens live in a small “dollhouse” fitted with three cameras. The house is complete with designer chairs, bathtub (that one Kattarshians, Ronja, likes to sleep in) and a picture of the Icelandic president.

The kittens are siblings and come from Kattholt cat shelter, and now these internet stars are looking for a new home, according to Nútíminn. If you're interested you can contact Kattholt cat shelter.

No worries if you are a Kattarshian fan, new kittens will take over the Kattarshians house soon after the four siblings, Bríet, Guðni, Ronja & Stubbur, move out at the end of the week.


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