Iceland’s next star golfer?

Icelandic pro golfer Ólafía Þórunn Kristinsdóttir landed in 30-39 place in the ISPS tournament in Australia last weekend. This is her second tournament in the LPGA tour and she ranks nr. 6 among the rookies. Kristinsdóttir has been very successful lately and jumped up 354 places of the World Rank List in only one year.

The second day was not her best, according to Kristinsdóttir, and she was not at all sure if it was enough to get her through. Luckily she had her cousin and caddie to keep her spirits up and encourage her on. “A birdie at the last course was enough to get me through, and when we found out we acted like children, we were so happy,” Kristinsdóttir said in an interview with Morgunblaðið.

On the last day of the tournament in Australia, the weather was problematic for Kristinsdóttir. “The day was pretty windy, and the wind wasn’t steady so at times there was suddenly no wind and I blew the shot. It happened more than once, but I played decently though my score could have been better.” 

On the 7th course she got a penalty. “No one noticed it, but I let the referee know. It’s better to be honest, and karma will hopefully reward me big time!”

At this moment Kristinsdóttir is travelling the long journey from Australia to Iceland, where she’ll stop for a few days and then head to USA for the next tournament which takes place in March.

Not many pro golfers come from Iceland, the life seems to suit Kristinsdóttir. “This is awesome, I have so much fun doing my job.”




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