Police believe suspect in Birna's murder tried to lie to the other man who was in custody

The Reykjavik Metropolitan Police, according to Fréttatíminn newspaper, believe that the man suspected of murdering Birna Brjánsdóttir tried to influence the memory of the other man who was released from custody. 

He supposedly told the man, who was extremely inebriated,  that there were two girls inside the car.  Witnesses have confirmed that the second man was indeed extremely inebriated and this is also seen on security footage. 

The man who was released has always claimed that he was so drunk that he can't remember what happened. He told police that there were two girls inside the vehicle but then realised that he had no recollection of this, and that this was false information given to him by the other man. 

It is however still possible that he took part in violating Birna inside the car before the other man drove the car away and killed her. 

The Fréttatiminn story can be seen in Icelandic HERE. 

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