Birna's cause of death was drowning

Police believe that Birna Brjánsdóttir died from drowning. This was revealed on RÚV evening news.  Birna's autopsy further reeals that Birna was still alive when she was dumped into the ocean. 

The autopsy also shows that Birna's body showed evidence that she was choked.  RÚV, who cite nameless sources also say that Birna was naked when she was ound on the beach and that water was in her lungs.  

The Reykjavik Metropolitan Police will not confirm this. 

It is not clear whether her killer knew that she was still alive when he dumped her into the ocean.  RÚV also reported that violence towards Birna had not begun until the second man, also a crew member of the Polar Nanoq, had left the red Rio Kia vehicle and boarded the trrawler. This man has been released by police and has gone back to Greenland.

  According to RÚV police do not believe that the murderer used a weapon.  It is believed that Birna was dumped into the ocean west of Selvogsviti lighthouse and was washed up on the beach eight days after she disappeared. 

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