Vegan weight-lifting champion lifts 205 kilos in a squat

Women's weighlifting champion Hulda B. Waage.

Women's weighlifting champion Hulda B. Waage. Photo/ Hörður Birkisson

Weight lifting champion Hulda B. Waage set a new Iceland record in a championship this weekend when she lifted 205 kilos in a squat. Hulda is vegan and believes her diet plays a large role in her success.

"This is not the largest success of my life it was just part of the programme," says Hulda who also admits that she was rather surprised at how well she did.

"I was pretty stressed out. I'm really happy but I could have done better."

Hulda trains twice a week five times a week and once per day once a week. "That's a lot of training. I also go on walks, go swimming and stretch."

Photo/ Hörður Birkisson

She's vegan, which is fairly unusual fo a weight trainer. "You can be strong without eating meat and animal byproducts. I've reached the age when the body produces more swelling. I believe my diet helps with this and I recover more quickly after practices."

You can follow her on Snapchat at Bwaagepower.

Photo / Steinunn Guðmundsdóttir


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