View on Iceland: Longevity, Viking Horses and Mosquitoes

Photo: Iceland Monitor: RAX

Once you finished browsing Iceland Monitor’s wide selection of news , events and features , you might like to have a look at some other Iceland-related material from around the world that we shall be collecting for you weekly.

1. ‘The Land That Time Forgot’ – Men’s Health

At 81.2 years, Icelandic men have the longest life expectancy of any men in the world, while Iceland’s population boasts 30-50 centenarians at any given time. What is the secret? Food, exercise, environment, genes? Jim Thornton takes a look at the issue here.

Read The Land That Time Forgot, by Jim Thornton

Photo: Iceland Monitor/Eggert

2. ‘Icelandic horses: The original horses of the Vikings’ – CNN

“The Icelandic horse has a lot of widespread appeal in Europe and outside Iceland too, so clearly there's something about them that appeals to people other than just us Icelanders,” says photographer Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir. See her stunning images here.

Read Icelandic horses: The original horses of the Vikings, by Tom Sweetman

Photo: Iceland Monitor/Árni Sæberg

3. ‘Europe’s Mosquito-Free Island Paradise’ – The New York Times

Are mosquitoes the bane of your life? Then Iceland – for yet another reason – might be the perfect place for you. For one reason or another, Iceland is free of the annoying creatures, the only one on the island being preserved in a jar of alcohol...

Read Europe’s Mosquito-Free Island Paradise, by Liz Alderman

Photo: Birkir Fanndal Haraldsson

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