Body found on Icelandic beach- thought to be missing Frenchman

Human remains were found on the beach of Selatangi near Grindavík in the southern peninsula of Reykjanes in Iceland yesterday. It is believed that they are the remains of Joseph Le Goff who was sailing alone from Portugal to the Azores. 

Wreckage from missing French sailboat found in Iceland

The National Coastguard of Iceland received a distress signal from a French sailboat missing since this summer between Portugal and the Azores. The signal was located south west of Grindavík and a national coastguard helicopter was dispatched.  The signal was found to originate from a beach east of Hópsnes  near Grindavík. 

Joseph Le Goff  left Bretagne on June 5th and arrived in Leixoes, near Porto in North Portugal on July 7th. From there he was headed for the Azores but disappeared. 




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