Iceland’s Heida Reed swears on live UK TV

Oops! You can't say that on daytime TV, Heida...

Oops! You can't say that on daytime TV, Heida... Photo: Screenshot Daily Mail

Poldark actress Heiða Rún Sigurðardóttir, or Heida Reed as she is better known in the UK, was left red-faced of the sofa of UK morning television programme This Morning after swearing on live TV.

“It was p******g it down, and apparently it was the hottest day of the year here,” Reed told presenters of the morning show, perhaps unaware of the rather strict rules governing such things as violence, sexual content, and offensive language before the ‘watershed’ (9pm) in UK broadcasting.

Presenter Phillip Schofield quickly apologised to viewers and carried on with the interview, in an episode which might leave many Icelanders scratching their heads as to what the fuss was about.

Reed was referring to the heavy rain she experienced in Cornwall, where episodes of Poldark were filmed. “It was throwing it down,” might have been a more appropriate formulation…


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