Iceland’s 1st ever cricket tournament – and they didn’t come last!

The Iceland team celebrating their first victory.

The Iceland team celebrating their first victory. Photo: Lee Nelson

Iceland’s burgeoning national cricket team has just returned from an international cricket tournament in the Czech Republic, where they finished last but one in the competition.

“It’s actually quite a wonder how well we did,” says team leader Lee Nelson, cheerfully. “It was a unique experience.”

Nelson flew out with the team a week ago and their lack of experience showed in their early matches. “But as we got towards the end, we picked ourselves up and won our last two games,” he explains.

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These two victories saved Iceland gave Iceland penultimate place in the tournament, pushing Switzerland to the bottom.

Nelson is quick to point out the context of the Icelandic team’s participation, “Switzerland, Sweden and Slovakia have a squad of 4,000 players to choose from, while the Qatar teaming was made up entirely of professionals. Iceland’s entire squad to choose from is fifteen players.”

Fresh from this relative success, Iceland have already been invited to take part in two more international competitions abroad – and Nelson has high hopes.

“There is so much we have never done, such as play on an oval pitch,” he says. “Here in Iceland, we practice on a football pitch. We have learnt to play as a team and we hope to win a tournament abroad. The dream is one day to host a tournament here in Iceland.”

Photo: Lee Nelson




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