Warning: Don‘t feed the ducks

The City of Reykjavik has issued a warning asking people not to feed the ducks at lake Tjörnin in central Reykjavik. A great amount of nutrition for the algae in the lake in hand with the warm weather of the last week has started a rapid growth of algae, creating a layer on the surface of the east- and north end of the lake.

The warning states that the algae growth is not dangerous, though the smell of it is not pleasing. People are however encouraged not to touch the algae unnecessarily.

Feeding the ducks and swans at lake Tjörnin is a favourite pastime of many Reykjavik children, it is however recommended not to feed them when the ducklings are young as to not attract seagulls, the birds have enough food from the lake over the summer.

When cooler weather arrives in the autumn it is likely that the children of Reykjavik can resume their pastime of sharing bread with the ducks.




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