View on Iceland: Winter, Coffee and East Iceland

Photo: Snorri Þór Tryggvason

Once you finished browsing Iceland Monitor’s wide selection of news, events and features, you might like to have a look at some other Iceland-related material from around the world that we shall be collecting for you weekly.

1. ‘Beautiful Winter Nights in Iceland’ – The Weather Channel

Czech photographer Petr Hricko received the gift of a camera while suffering from cancer. Since his illness, he has taken his photography to professional a level and has attempted to capture the beauty his “dream land” Iceland in all seasons.

Read Beautiful Winter Nights in Iceland, by Euna Park

Photo: Árni Sæberg

2. ‘The Coffee of Civilization in Iceland’ – The New Yorker

An interesting look into the Icelandic obsession with coffee, and how it has become an essential part of the people’s identity and peculiarly Icelandic sense of self, while remaining a reminder of our increasingly interconnected world.

Read The Coffee of Civilization in Iceland, by Adam Gopnik

Photo: AFP

3. ‘Iceland's creative heart’ – The Independent

Nicola Trup looks at some of the travel gems of the fjords of East Iceland and speaks to real Icelanders from the region. The article contains useful information about travel to East Iceland, including a new direct flight from London.

Read Iceland's creative heart: makeshift museums, public art and blissful isolation, by Nicola Trup

Photo: Iceland Monitor/Sigurður Bogi

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