Heat wave in Reykjavik accompanied by thick fog this morning

Fog over the ocean this morning. The photo is taken ...

Fog over the ocean this morning. The photo is taken at Sæbraut in central Reykjavik with Harpa concert hall gleaming in the distance. Iceland Monitor/ Eggert

The weather in Reykjavik is frankly quite wonderful today. It's very warm, skies are blue and the sun is shining. Early risers witnessed a magical, thick fog moving in from the ocean. 

"The weather is great all around Iceland today but if people are chasing the highest temperatures they have to head quite far out of Reykjavik," says 

Theo­dór Freyr Hervars­son at the Iceland Met Office. 

The forecast for the weekend is for clear skies and warm weathera although temperatures will go down a little bit on Monday. 

The fog last night was formed because of very warm air meeting the chill from the North Atlantic ocean. 

Temperatures in Reykjavik should be around 17- 18 degrees C. 

For the full weather forecast see our weather page HERE. 

Thick fog at Sæbraut this morning.

Thick fog at Sæbraut this morning. Iceland Monitor/ Eggert




-1 °C

Light rain

Later today

0 °C



1 °C

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