Icelanders club together to aid homeless compatriot

Copenhagen, Denmark.

Copenhagen, Denmark. Photo: Iceland Monitor/Ómar

A group of Icelandic expats in the Danish capital of Copenhagen have responded massively to a call for help to assist a fellow Icelander living on the streets of the city.

The man in question is an ex-seaman from West Iceland long involved in drug abuse and has reportedly been living rough on the streets of Copenhagen for seven years.

A month ago, he was given a council flat by local authorities – but this only contained towels and some kitchen utensils.

Icelandic expat Björg Magnúsdóttir made the man’s acquaintance seven years ago and posted a plea on an ‘Icelanders in Copenhagen’ social media group page to help him out.

The 'Icelanders in Copenhagen' Facebook groups has nearly 6,000 members.

The 'Icelanders in Copenhagen' Facebook groups has nearly 6,000 members.

The response was immediate. Icelandic expats replied to Magnúsdóttir in numbers offering furniture and all manner of useful items. One man has offered to pick up the goods and drive them to the man, while others have volunteered to carry them up to his second-floor flat.

Magnúsdóttir was left emotional by the response.

“He has never asked for anything and is just grateful to be able to lock his door,” she explains. “He was very happy and surprised when I told him about this, but was mostly worried that he had nothing to give in return.”




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