Only in Iceland! Party in a 700 ft deep volcanic crater

Inside the cave.

Inside the cave. Photo: Golli / Kjartan Þorbjörnsson

Organisers of the third annual Secret Solstice music festival in Iceland this year have announced that one of the gigs will be held in the stunning Þríhnúkagígur volcanic crater near the capital Reykjavik.

It has not been revealed which band or bands will be performing but the date is set for Saturday 18 June.

Just twenty tickets for the gig will be available, and guests will be helicoptered out to the crater site. The decision on which musicians will be playing this epic gig will be taken nearer the time.

Once at the crater, visitors are lowered down through the crater opening using a lift system normally used to carry window cleaners up and down skyscrapers. 

The 120 m/400 ft journey takes about six minutes to complete, and takes in some incredible volcanic scenery along the way. 

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Concert-goers will not have to abseil down!

Concert-goers will not have to abseil down! Photo: Kristjan Maack


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