"Our home was hit by a bomb"

Before the war in Syria broke out the Alzurquan family lived a normal life in the suburbs of Damaskus. After a bomb destroyed their home three years ago they fled the country. They now live in Iceland to start a new life. Iceland Monitor paid them a visit last week.

Ibrahim and Crystal came to Iceland in January along with five other refugee families from Syria. They have four children, Khalil, 18, Mohammed, 14, Shifaa, 7 and Ahmed, who will be turning five this year, and is the same age as the war raging in his home country. 

The family had saved up for ten years to buy a house near Ibrahims family, and he worked as an interpretor. When they left Syria they couldn't take any of their personal belongings with them which means they have little left to remind them of their former life. 


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