Swimming pool admission prices go up

Admission for adults to the city's swimming pools is now ...

Admission for adults to the city's swimming pools is now 900 ISK (6 Euros) Mbl.is/ Styrmir Kári

From November 1st admission for adults to the city's pools goes up from 650 ISK (4.5Euros) to 900 ISK (approx 6 Euros)  according to a new proposal accepted at city council today. 

The proposition was made by Mayor Dagur B.Eggertsson as part of a new agenda by the city council. There are no changes to prices for senior citizens, disabled and children and swimming pool cards with ten or twenty admisisons remain at the same price. 

A card with ten pool admission costs 4,300 ISK for adults and twenty admissions cost 7,800 ISK. People can still also buy a pool card valid for six months at 17.100 or a 12 month card for 31 thousand ISK. 

Therefore it can be assumed that the raised admission price will mostly affect those who go rarely frequent the pools and tourists to the city. 

Mayor Eggertsson says that swimming will still remain one of the cheapest and possibly most healthy ways to stay fit in Iceland. "I don't think this is a bad idea to increase our income a bit without it affecting regular swimming pool users," said Eggertsson to mbl.is. 


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