Thousands of cars affected by VW scandal

Hekla headquarters.

Hekla headquarters. Photo: Árni Sæberg

There are reportedly over 3,600 cars in Iceland fitted with the EA 189 diesel engine involved the recent Volkswagen emissions scandal.

Volkswagen’s Iceland dealership, Hekla (link in Icelandic), was informed by Volkswagen yesterday that 3,647 cars in Iceland run on the controversial engine – 1,129 saloons, 348 professional cars, 316 Audi vehicles, and 1,854 Skoda vehicles.

According to Hekla, Volkswagen is working on resolving the problem affecting a specific piece of software used in EA 189 engines. Hekla stresses that the vehicles in question – manufactured 2008-15 – are completely safe to drive.

The issue does not affect new cars conforming to the EU6 standard.

“This month, Volkswagen will be submitting technical solutions and an implementation plan for the makes of car in question to the German authorities for approval,” reads a statement from Hekla. “[Once approval has been given], each and every customer affected will be contacted with information on what can be done to improve the emissions equipment on their car.”




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