Boston bomb survivors in Iceland

Jessica Kensky and Patrick Downes are just two of the 264 people injured in the Boston Marathon Bombing of April 2013.

Between them, they lost three legs as a result of their injuries and are now in Iceland testing innovative new prosthetic legs at Reykjavik-based orthopaedics and prosthetics company Össur.

In this interview, Kensky and Downes recall the horrific events two and a half years ago, while looking ahead to the bright future afforded them by cutting-edge Icelandic prosthetic technology.

Kensky describes the couple’s stay in Iceland as “a dream”, as the couple marvel at the incredible advances in metal and carbon fibre technology helping them to regain a high quality of life.

Three people were killed by the bomb blast.

Scenes of devastation in Boston, 15 April 2013.

Scenes of devastation in Boston, 15 April 2013.




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