Wikileaks hacker pleads guilty to child offences

Siggi "The Hacker" pictured with Julian Assange whom he later …

Siggi "The Hacker" pictured with Julian Assange whom he later betrayed. Screenshot/

Sigurður Ingi Þórðarson, aka Siggi "The Hacker" has pleaded guilty of sexual assault charges against nine boys. This was confirmed by his defendant and the district attorney at the Iceland High Court to 

A verdict in the case will be reached within four weeks. 

Þórðarsson  recently received a two-year prison sentence for multiple fraud and theft adding up to around 30 million ISK. The district attorney called for a two-year sentence referring among other things to a psychological evaluation which deems Þórðarson as a sociopath.

The charges included rape, sex with minors, paying for sex with a minor and instigating the prostitution of a minor. 

Þórðarsson has previously been charged with a sexual offence against a 17 year old. He became infamous through his connections with Julian Assange and Wikileaks and for becoming the first FBI informant inside the group. 

Þórðarsson later conned the owner of an online store selling Wikileaks merchandise to transfer 6,7 million ISK into his own account instead of the account of Wikileaks. 

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