Thousands attend Reykjavik Slut Walk

The biggest ever Slut Walk took place in Reykjavik today. Thousands rallied to support the cause: to put an end to sexual violence, shame the perpetrators and not the victims and to press for changes in the judicial system with regards to sexual crimes. 

The walk began at Hallgrímskirkja church at 2 pm and women, men, teenagers and children carrying banners and balloons walked all the way to Austurvöllur in the city centre when a programme of speeches and music took place in support of the cause. 

The slut walk, now in its ffth year also wants to emphasise that the behaviour or clothing of victims is never an excuse for sexual crimes.

The feminist movement in Iceland has gone from strength to strength this year with movements such as #freethenippe and the #þöggun movement on social media where women who had been victims of sexual crimes but had not pressed charges because of the stigma attached to the subject, spoke out, told of their experiences and shamed the perpetrators. 




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