Flying spinstress knits among the birds

Sure, your grandmother is kind of cool, but does she paraglide?

Icelandic grandmother an knitting enthusiast Kristín Guðbjartsdóttir proved growing older doesn't mean you have to let go of the child inside when she went paragliding with her son over the town of Vík in the south of Iceland.

Guðbjartsdóttir's son, a paragliding instructor at True Adventure, invited his mother along since he knew she always had a dream of flying. Having been challenged by one of her daughters, who thought her mother would be holding on for dear life during the ride, Guðbjartsdóttir brought her knitting along with her. 

"It was no big deal,“ said the 64 -year old to, using the opportunity to compliment her son. "I have been following True Adventure for a while and they are so reliable that flying with them is no big deal. They are calm but never careless."

Guðbjartsdóttir remembers collecting feathers as a child, dreaming that one day she would use them to fly like a bird.

"When I was done my grandchild came running and asked "Grandma, weren't you afraid?" I said  "No, I just felt like the birds that glide." Then he said "Dad, did you slip her something?"

Guðbjartsdóttir laughs at the memory and adds that even if she may have been a little high on life she did not feel the rush of adrenalin some speak of. Looking at the video evidence it seems that Guðbjartsdóttir couldn't be calmer even if she was sitting in a rocking chair on solid ground.




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