Payment only covers petrol costs

A photograph from the rescue on Friday.

A photograph from the rescue on Friday. Photo/Stephan Mantler

The amount which the two hikers rescued from Vatnajökull on Friday paid to the rescue teams only covers the petrol costs. Hörður Már Harðarson, director of the Icelandic association of rescue teams would not disclose to exactly the amount paid by the two men but said that it was very far off the cost of the whole procedure. 

"This is all based on the fact that they were politely asked to accompany rescue teams on Tuesday when their companion got sick and was transported from the glacier. The men were told of a very bad weather forecast but refused to comply." Harðarson adds that costs are rarely an issue in rescues. "The most important thing is helping people out. In emergencies, people should'nt have to worry about such costs." 

He adds that the payment is considered to be a unique case but that the matter has certainly raised some questions as to whether certain parts of Iceland should be restricted in certain seasons. "We have to find a way of coping with the increase of tourists." 


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