The beer in 10/11 is not beer!

Anna Margrét Björnsson

Do not buy the beer in 10/11 because it's not beer. Heed these words of advice from Grísalappalísa, one of the brightest young stars on the Icelandic punk rock scene (The supermarkets in Iceland sell non-alcoholic beer). In an interview with they talked about their love of Can and Megas and reccommend a visit to the botanical gardens and the new Reykjavik records vinyl store.

According to Grísalappalísa the group was founded on the idea of writing razor-sharp Icelandic lyrics firmly rooted in the Icelandic literary tradition and blending them with the groups raw freewheeling kraut and punk rock cocktail.  The result of this collaboration can be heard on the band’s debut album, ALI, which is out now on Icelandic label 12 Tónar. Check it out HERE. 

Grísalappalísa covered one of Iceland's most important artists, Megas last year on a 7-inch. Don't miss them in concert with the legendary Megas at Iceland Airwaves at Gamla Bíó on Thursday November 6th at 23:00. 

Other Airwaves dates:

Thursday November 6th at Laundromat café at 13:00 (off-venue)

Saturday November 8th at Slippbarinn at 17:45 (off-venue)

Saturday November 8th at Gaukurinn at 23:30




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