This is what the first Icelandic-made car looks like

The design of the first Icelandic car- which is also the first car to be produced world wide for driving off-road in difficult conditions- has now been revealed. Production of the car will begin once financing is complete. The car is especially designed for rescue teams and travel services. The name of the car is Ísar, plural of the word Ís (Ice) and this particular model in the picture is named Ísar Torveg.  

"This is the first car designeed in the world for driving through uninhabited, wild terrain and features very large tyres," explains Bjarni Hjartarson, designer of Ísar Torveg. He adds that until now, jeeps have had to be modified greatly to meet these conditions in Iceland, where rescue teams regularly have to drive through lava fields, heavy snow, across glaciers and cross rivers. One of the main benefits of the car is that due to the with of the tyres, the car chassy is very large and can hold a lot of people or luggage. The car will be produced in three sizes and the final cost for one vehicle has not been decided yet. 

The car is designed to EU standards and the goal is to be able to sell it abroad. "There are plenty of places in the world where people have to travel through areas where there are no roads or difficult terrain. This will be the first vehicle especially designed for those conditions. 


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