Autistic boy builds a 6-metre long Lego Titanic

Eleven-year old Brynj­ar Karl Birg­is­son has been busy for the last couple of months constructing a 6,33 metre long model of the Titanic from of Lego-cubes. Brynjar decided to build the Titanic as it was a beautiful, large and fast ship. He spends several hours each day on the lego model. 

"My grandfather worked out that I needed 56.000 Lego cubes. I have a website called where I had a fund-raiser for the cubes which went really well and I've been able to raise money to buy cubes for the ship. I want to thank all those who helped me."

He adds that Legoland has informed him that once finished, this will be the largest Lego ship in the world. 

"My family have been really helpful and my friends too. My grandfather helped me to construct the base and mum is doing a really good job too. "


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