Supports actions against Islamists

The Icelandic government has decided to support actions taken by the United States and around 50 other countries against the terrorist organisation Islamic State in Iraq. Foreign Minister Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson met with the Foreign Committee of Iceland's parliament today and informed its members about the government's intention.

Foreign Minister Sveinsson also informed the committee about the government's decision to contribute $50,000 to humanitarian aid in Iraq and its neighboring areas through FAO. Sveinsson emphasizes in an interview with that Iceland's participation is fully in compliance with international law as the government of Iraq has asked for the assistance for self-defense. He says Iceland's role will be limited to humanitarian aid.

Sveinsson furthermore informed the Foreign Comittee of the government's intention to participate in the latest set of sanctions against Russia and rebels in Eastern Ukraine recently announced by the European Union and other western countries.


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