Voters would reject EU membership

Membership of the European Union would be rejected by Icelandic voters if a referendum would be held today according to a new opinion poll produced by Capacent Gallup for the organisation Já Ísland which favours membership.

Total of 54.7 percent of the respondents said they would vote against joining the EU while 45.3% said they would support membership. Majority of the voters of the governing parties, the Progressive Party and the Independence Party, oppose EU membership. 92 percent for the PP and 83 percent for the IP.

However, the majority of the voters of the Social Democratic Alliance (89 percent) favours EU membership. The same goes for the Bright Future party (81 percent), the Left Green Movement (55 percent) and the Pirate Party (55 percent).

The poll was produced July 29 - August 10. 1,500 people were polled and 54.6 percent responded.




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