Dangerous lava squeezing out of the lava field from last year

Liquid lava from the volcano in Geldingadalir is already squeezing out of the older lava field because of the weight of the new lava flowing on top of the old one.

Scientist from the Volcanology and Natural Hazards Research Group  at the University of Iceland say that it is very dangerous to tread on the old lava, because when the new liquid lava is squeezing out it can do so with tremendous force.


Shows a cross section of the lava

In a chart that comes with the announcement from the group the cross section is shown at the northern part and the southern part of Meradalir and how the old lava has responded to the new liquid lava.

"In the south of the lava field there has been a huge input of liquid lava and to the north the lava has expanded a few meters and the danger is that once the liquid lava cracks the old lava it will come out at a great speed. "




11 °C



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