Many hikers not adequately prepared

Rescuers from the Rescue Team Þorbjörn from Grindavík were monitoring the eruption site last night. They say that many of the hikers were not adequately prepared for the hike and many of them had no headlights while hiking in the dark, according to an announcement from local police. 

The estimated number of hikers at the eruption site last night just after 3M was 70-80 people. 

The hike has been a stretch for many of the visitorsand one individual had to be rescued from uphill after twisting his ankle. Another hiker who had hurt his leg also needed assistance and a third one, who had stumbled and fallenin the old lava. 

"In spite of a crowd by the eruption site, we can say that it has gone quite well, but there were approximately over a thousand hikers at the site last night," is reported in the announcement.

Dangerous gas in the lower areas

The local police stressed the importance of people recognizing that the eruption site is a dangerous area, where things can change fast. It is not recommended to stay close to the eruption due to gas pollution that is emitted from the eruption. This needs to be considered especially when the wind goes down because dangerous gases can concentrate in thelower areas, because they are heavier than the atmosphere and tend to linger close to the ground. 

"New fissures can open up without a warning and red hot lava can escape from the edges of the lavafield, and fast and swift magma can come through in areas where it is difficult to get away from running," the police warns.

People should be careful, check safetravel and The Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management. It goes without saying, that hikers should be wearing warm clothes and have enough food if they are hiking to see the eruption, because it can take hours depending on the route. 


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