A 4.6M earthquake this morning in the eastern part of Fagradalsfjall

At 5:32 AM this morning an earthquake of the size 4.6M was detected in the eastern part of Fagradalsfjall. This is confirmed by Hulda Rós Helgadóttir, a specialist in natural hazards at the Met Office talking to mbl.is.

The Met Office has received notifications that the earthquake was felt in Grindavík, Reykjanesbær, in the Reykjavík area and in Selfoss.

"We are still not seeing eruption signs on our meters. But there is activity in the magma conduits which shows that there is magma moving," she says.

No data supporting the bright lights as a sign of an eruption

"There were not many big earthquakes last night, but we have been seeing the seismic activity around Fagradalsfjall and other places on the peninsula where the trigger quakes have been."

People had noticed some bright lights in the area which has now been connected to dry vegetation catching fire. She says the location of the fire is unusual, but it could just as well be done by people than have anything to do with the seismic activity.

 In the video below you can see the bright lights last night so no wonder people thought there already was an eruption.


Light rain


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Light rain


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