A new alarm system at Reynisfjara Black Beach in the works

mbl.is/Jónas Erlendsson

An alarm system at Reynisfjara Black Beach is now in the works, but the system uses flashing lights to indicate the level of danger at the beach with the red colour signalling extreme danger. The project is fully funded and is based on a plan from two years ago that was put forth by The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration, according to Skarphéðinn Berg Steinarsson, who is the Director General of the Tourist Board, talking to mbl.is.

Þórdís Kolbrún R. Gylfadóttir, then the Minister of Tourism, had put together a working group that came up with these ideas, but the project went cold due to arguments between a few landowners and the Icelandic government over the implementation.

The Icelandic government has been in talks with the landowners and the working group is now active again and will go forward with their suggested solutions. Warning flags will be put at the beach and flashing lights that will send out colored signals signifying the danger level at the beach. At this time it is not certain whether closing down the beach is an option that will be used when the beach is on high alert.

A lot of tourists were at Reynisfjara Black Beach yesterday, when a journalist from mbl.is was there. They were enjoying good weather to look at this spectacular place. The waves were small yesterday and the tide was low.


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