A Spanish tourist almost drowned at Reynisfjara Black Sand beach

Ljósmynd/Sandra Pawłowska

An ambulance was called to Reynisfjara Black Sand beach late Tuesday night when a Spanish tourist was in mortal danger after going into the sea.

Oddur Árnason, the chief police for the South of Iceland said that the man was able to get to shore by himself after struggling in the sea a while. Before others on the premises had been trying to rescue him. When the man got to land he was icy cold and in a state.

Ljósmynd/Sandra Pawłowska

Paramedics checked his vitals and luckily he was not in danger. Árnason says that many tourists have been in the area this month, but this is the first time this year a tourist goes into the sea on the beach which is extremely dangerous.

Decided to go into the sea for photos

The photographer SandraPawlowska was on the beach on Tuesday. She says that the man almost drowned in the strong waves. He had voluntarily taken off his clothes and gone into the sea while his friend was photographing him.

Pawlowska and others present on the beach were frightened when they saw the man go into the sea and people were taking their children away from the shore because they wanted to protect them in case something horrible happened.

Ljósmynd/Sandra Pawłowska

This area is very dangerous because of sneaky waves that are immensely powerful, even if the sea appears calm. Only last year, a Chinese women drowned when she went into the sea and got caught up in a big wave.

Here below you can see a video from the Reynisfjara Black Sand beach.




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