Brighter Days Ahead

Vala Hafstað

This colorful photo was taken recently by Morgunblaðið photographer Árni Sæberg of Vestmannaeyjar islands, off the south coast of Iceland. Although daylight is in short supply in Iceland at this time of year, the little light we get is beautiful and mystical at times.

Winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, was Monday, December 21. To give you an idea of how short the days can get, that day, sunrise in Reykjavík was at 11:22 am and sunset at 3:31 pm. On Grímsey island, off the north coast of Iceland and the northernmost community, the sun rose at 12:03 pm and set at 2:17 pm.

There are brighter days ahead. Little by little, the days will get longer, and the longer they get, the more optimistic we become.

We wish all our readers a bright and happy new year.

You can look up the time of sunrise and sunset in different parts of the country every day right here.


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