CNT Nomination for Deplar Farm

Deplar Farm, Fljót, North Iceland.

Deplar Farm, Fljót, North Iceland. Photo/Gísli Kristinsson

Vala Hafstað

The luxury hotel Deplar Farm in Fljót, North Iceland, has just been nominated for the Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Award.

The hotel is run by the US travel service company Eleven Experience, located in Colorado. The company operates luxury hotels, apartments and a ski lodge at exotic locations worldwide, such as in the French Alps, in Patagonia, Chile, and in the US Rocky Mountains.

Yoga and a spa are offered at the hotel.

Yoga and a spa are offered at the hotel. Photo/Eleven Experience

According to Haukur B. Sigmarsson, general manager of Eleven Experience in Iceland, the company aims to tailor its service to the needs of customers, providing the necessary gear, comfort and options for recreation and adventure. There is an emphasis on environmental protection and good use of natural resources.

Service at the hotel is divided into two seasons. In winter, the focus is on skiing, while in summer, the hotel offers fishing, kayaking, horseback-riding, mountain bike rides, and more.

Heli-skiing is offered in winter.

Heli-skiing is offered in winter. Photo/Fenlon Photography Co.

Sigmar is grateful for the reviews the hotel has received from international guests and respected travel journals. The nomination from Condé Nast Traveler is, he states, a great honor.

“We see [the nomination] as a validation of the ideal by which our company operates. Our goal is for our guests to always experience their best day, regardless of where in the world they are,” he notes.

You can participate in the Readers’ Choice Award by casting your vote here.




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