Total eclipse of the moon tonight in Iceland

The first and only total eclipse of the moon occurs in Iceland tonight and those who want to try to see it should try to wake up at  4:30 am. The next total eclipse of the moon takes place in 2022 in Iceland.

Astronomy expert Sævar Helgi Bragason says that despite the bad weather forecast tonight of snow showers and strong winds, waking up just before the eclipse occurs, at 4.30 am could prove rewarding. 

The moon will take on a reddish hue, known as a blood moon. During a total lunar eclpise, Earth completely blocks direct sunlight from reaching the Moon. The only light reflected from the lunar surface has been refracted by Earth's atmosphere. The light appears reddish for the same reason that a sunset or sunrise does, the Rayleigh scattering of blue light. 

The lunar eclipse will last around one hour. 




2 °C

Clear sky


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