Enormous rockfall in Heimaklettur in Iceland's Westman Islands

“"I was watching Heimaklettur, the great treasure of us Westman Islanders when I saw suddenly, a huge shadow course down the cliff and I heard a rumbling sound and a loud crash when it fell it fell into the sea. It was an incredible sight and it was a complete coincidence that I was looking in that direction, says Halldór B.Halldórsson, manager of the Westman Islands hospital. He observed the rockfall yesterday. 

Heimaklettur cliff is a palagonite cliff that shelters the town of Vestmannaeyjar from the strong northern winds and is a landmark for the area. 

A sliver of rocks fell from the rock, measuring some 50 metres following the large rock that fell. Fortunately, no boats were in the ocean below. "I was scared to think of the small boats who often sail there. They would have been capsized by the huge wave created."


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