Crowds of people at Grótta, West Reykjavik last night to see Northern Lights

Last night, spectacular Northern Lights were visible in the early evening. Crowds of people headed to the Grótta beach and lighthouse in West Reykjavik to observe them.

Northern lights at Grótta last night.

Northern lights at Grótta last night. Magnússon

  Meterologist Þorsteinn V.Jónsson at the Iceland Met Office says that conditions are good for Northern Lights at the moment and that they were clearly visible in the city. Magnússon

 The Northern Lights forecast for tonight is good although more cloud cover is expected, especially in the North and East, but they should be visible in the South and West. Magnússon

The Northern Lights forecast of the Iceland Met Office can be seen HERE. Magnússon

Attachment: "Norðurljós" nr. 10874


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