VIDEO: Majestic iceberg in Húnaflói bay, North West Iceland

An iceberg measuring some 35- 30 metres in height is currently in Húnaflói bay.  The accompanying video was taken by Guðbjörg Bryndís Viggósdóttir on board the Húnabjörg rescue vessel. 

The trip was taken with international artists working in art centre Nes in Skagaströnd to show them the iceberg. 

photo/Guðbjörg Bryndís Viggósdóttir

Photo/Guðbjörg Bryndís Viggósdóttir

Ljósmynd/Guðbjörg Bryndís Viggósdóttir

Ljósmynd/Guðbjörg Bryndís Viggósdóttir




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